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VanGogh and Vino

Learn how to paint while enjoying your favorite wine! My friends and I enjoyed a girls night out with a little Van Gogh and Vino the other night.  We learned how to paint a sunflower on canvas and enjoyed girl talk and vino kid-free.  My sunflower isn’t super great but we had a blast. Check…

Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Tutorial

Air plants are some of the easiest plants to take care of.  They require very little maintenance and can be arranged with your favorite natural decorative objects.  Because air plants don’t need to be planted in soil, you can arrange them with many different natural materials like drift wood, sand, rocks, moss, shells, etc.  For…

Hauler Back, Valentine! | Plus Over 300+ Personalized Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Valentine’s Day totally snuck up on us this year.  We typically purchase cards for my daughter’s preschool friends and make homemade cards for close family.  Awhile ago, while I was shopping at Target, I found some really cute Shopkins Valentine’s cards that were perfect for the preschool kids.  Well, my daughter failed to wait until…